but I am a dirty dirty liar 

summer starts in like 2 days and for the first time in two years I have no job, no boyfriend, no friends, basically nothing at all to even do to keep myself entertained. and I found some old drawing I did for a story I did on here like an hour ago and I was like holy crap I can just like lounge around WFW and start writing again and boom my laptop will become my life again like it was when I was like 13 lol 

soooo I cant promise a whole lot of writing but I will definitely be on the wiki more often for the next few months at least since I have NOTHING to do with my life. just be able to talk to people more probably read more stories help out if its needed etc. idek if you guys still use IRC the channel looks dead to me but if that is still in use I'll be there too probably like all the time lol 

so let us all rejoice that I am back!!!! (joking I know probably like no one cares) 

I missed you guys a tonnnnn btw for the ones still around that I know there is a scary amount of new users though that are completely foreign to me holy jesus I left my heart at home 23:30, June 10, 2015 (UTC) 

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