like seriously I listened to one of their songs because the lyrics for it were on Rainy's ask and I literally cannot stop listening to it just don't do it it'll ruin your life I don't even like boy bands like that and it's like djflkasjdlkf 

ok I have a few updates for y'all peasants~

1) so most of you know or heard of me living in a hotel after my house got destroyed by that's been three months. three months as of yesterday. the house was supposed to be DONE in three months and nothing has even been started. they think they need to tear the whole thing down now and rebuild it. we'll be lucky to be back in the house by october. it's all quite stressful. I hate everything right now lol 

2) I haven't actually written warriors in ages. actually I haven't been writing much of anything. I have made my story Take a Stand my top priority to finish, but I want your guys' opinions on what other story I should make my priority to write alongside TaS for here...

I have too many WIPs lol but those are the ones that I really want to finish, but I can't try to write all of them at once or else my brain will melt and then nothing will get done. I need motivation, people! take a vote, tell me what you wanna read! and if I get enough people asking for it, I'll force myself to write the last chapter of Prison too. I know Firey's been bugging me for that lol but I'll only do it if I get at least like five people saying they want it xD 

3) last but not least, for my story Take a Stand...the Clans in the story have grown in size considerably from regular canon Clans. Which means I need like twice the number of names for all four Clans than I would for a regular story. My brain already has been hurting trying to think of the names I already have for the two Clans. if you all would give me names, I would be SO thankful to you. I don't care how many you give, I don't care what you give - warrior names, apprentices names, rogues and loners might even be needed later in the story, idfk! just give me whatever you got and I'll see where I can use it! thanks guys <3 

Stareh out~ if what we had was real, how could you be fine? 23:34, July 14, 2014 (UTC) (again, 5sos lyrics....I hate you right now, Rainy) 

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