Warriors Fanfiction
Warriors Fanfiction

Disregard the title... xD Only homosexual stick figures barf rainbows.

AHAHAHAHA. If you get that, I love you. If you don't, die in a hole.

Okay, to the point of the blog!

Last night, my daddy came home from work overjoyed about some new 3D (Yes, 3 d's, not 2 d's or 1 d) software he got. (NO, I'm not going to tell you, at least not until they make it full-priced again. C'mon, let me feel special ;-;) It's totally professional, and easier to use than that god forsaken Blender. (*throws Blender software in a fire and watches it burn*)




The second I woke up this morning I went and downloaded it all. I was hoping it would download in a second and I'd be able to use it right away, right?



Either way, I am super super physced (That has GOT to be spelled wrong) and I'm going to ask you all a very important question.

  • lights go down and serious music plays.*

Would anyone like a request?


Okay, so with the software I can do landscapes, like if you need them for a Roleplay page or a banner or something, SUPER realistic looking people and animals (not sure about the animals, we'll see) and....I forget what the last one does. I think it's just anything 3D.

Okay, so if you need any REALISTIC LOOKING PEOPLE OR LANDSCAPES I will be more than happy to make them for you because I am bored/want the practice. So even if you DON'T need it for anything, assist me in my learning process!

Aight, well, Stareh out! You've been Star'd. ._. 12:30, April 7, 2012 (UTC) <---- Epic sig, no?