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Warriors Fanfiction

Woop woop!

So, fellow users, I'm writing the next few chapters of Melt, and atm only one of the four Clans has been introduced. HowEVER, the other three will be making appearances soon, and I fail at making enough character names to fill up three Clans of cats. 

So, would y'all like to have a character in the Clans to help me fill them up? :D 

Actually I kinda stole this from Maple, but whatever, I need cats so you all can give me cats xD

The characters I get from you all will end up being kind of the main characters for the chapters, so I shall request description, rank, Clan (DustClan, SunClan, or FireClan) and a brief personality that I can use to go off of during the story :D 

Thank y'all, lovelies~

Stareh out~ Hardcore Pawn Where Detroit cashes in 18:12, February 11, 2013 (UTC)