Ugh. I think I just realized how much I MISS BEING A LITTLE CHILD. Like, terribly!

You get soo much attention from your parents, no big respnisibilites, girls still have cooties according to guys, Spongebob being thrown in jail is the worst thing you can see on TV, the only reason you go online is to make sure your Webkinz aren't hungry, skinned knees are the only thing that hurt, and your favorite food is chicken nuggets.

Then, you get into middle school and all the little kid wonderfulness goes down the bleeping drain!

Your parents start realizing you don't need a whole lot of attention, you're under so much stress, schoolwork gets harder, the fights between your friends get more serious then who's playing with who at recess, guys are suddenly cute and you want to date, then you find a guy you think you like and he turns you down and suddenly you realize there are things that hurt worse than skinned knees, you start seeing porn, swearing and sarcasm are second and third languages, you start getting into Facebook and Twitter and Myspace, you're introduced to texting and become glued to your phone, and you start changing in all those funky ways!


Okay, so this is Stareh's message to all those people who haven't fallen in too deep yet -

DON'T be in a rush to grow up. It's not all it's cracked up to be. :/

Haha, why did I pick such a random time to rant this to the world?

I was stalking Wetty's youtube videos, saw one of her in a Disney store and playing with her Webkinz and thought, "Oh my God, I miss doing stuff like that."

DON'T GROW UP. Stay young as long as possible.

<3 Stareh out. 3-23-12. The world will be watching.Mockingjay.png 22:12, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

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