I told Red I was a moose the other day and then I said moo and she's all like "BUT MOOSE DON'T SAY MOO" and I'm like bitch puh-lease mooses can say whatever the hell they like y'all can't influence what the moose want to say because THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH


Yesterday Red and Zaffie (oh, look, we're bringing up Red again! Ain't she somethin' special!) were bugging me because they both want me to read some stories of theirs and I honestly never read people's fanfics so I'm all like "blargarth" but then Red was getting pissy that I wasn't reading hers and Zaffie's ganging up on me SO 

What I did was I basically made a waiting list for their stories, in order of who requested me to read what at what time. Red's Fire Fight was first to be requested, and then Zaffie asked me to read her Shadowhunters fanfic, and then Red wanted me to read Spilt Ink. 

And then I'm thinking to myself, 'Holy crap! This might be a good thing to do for WFW!' 

So, here's the scoop - 

you can request a maximum of two stories of yours that you want me to read below. I shall read them in order of requested-ness, and then once I have completed the story, I will leave as much of a hearty review as I am capable of. And you don't have to request just WFW warriors 'fics, it can be something from another site, an original story, whatever ya like :D


I'm going to add a new section to my userpage titled 'Reviews'. Once I finish your story and review it I'll put it under that section, sort of as an advertisement. From there I can do sort of a grading system, like, 20 points for a story that is a good length, has no spelling or grammar errors, progresses nicely, and has a unique plot, 0 points for something that has every word misspelled, no correct grammar, an over-used plot, etc. (most likely no one will ever get a 20 or a 0, but. xD)

idk, I think this is going to be a really good way for me to get more involved with the wiki and the users and actually start reading some 'fics. xD 

OKAY SO STAREH OUT~ I will not bow. I will not break. 13:52, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Waiting List

Fire Fight by Red REVIEWED

Faerie Lights by Zaffie REVIEWED

Spilt Ink by Red REVIEWED

The Adventure by Robo REVIEWED   

New Moon by Strike

Cinders by Arti

Morning Blue by Rainy

The Discovery by Rainy

Seeking Revenge by Stormy

Blocked by Eevee

A Creature in the Storm by Cchen

Two Sided She-Cat by Brighty

Everlasting Pain by Brighty

Inside The Mind by Tangle

Wish You Were Here by Spotty

Collar of Bones by Spirit

The Chase by HIMG

A New Dawn: Blood River by HIMG

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