I was trying to think of a witty title for this, and as I was doing so I was watching Les Mis and Eponine was singing On My Own and I'm all hormonal right now so I was like crying and I'm trying to dry my tears but they're coming too fast so I'm just gonna go with this and wait for the song to be over.

OKAY SO. School is slowly winding down, there's less and less to do, I get out of school next Friday, and today, tomorrow, next Thursday and next Friday are half days so I'll just randomly be about IRC at like 11 in the morning for all of you who are in my time zone lul.

So I decided that I am going to start accepting join requests on JMC. Please note that if you're joining now, you will still not be able to start RPing on the website until June 14th. (I recommend reading this if you haven't yet) (oh and here's the link for the wiki. woop woop!)

And now Eponine just died because I was procrastinating writing this and NOW I'M BAWLING SO GIVE ME A SEC KFJLSKJFLSLFKJSKLF 

........okay I'm all good 

Speaking of Les Mis, for those of you who are a fan (or aren't, in which case you should become one so Zaffie and Arti and I can love you forever), I started a Les Mis crossover a few days ago. :D :D :D Tomorrow <-- links! Woo! I'm so excited for this, omg <3 

I think that's about it. 


Stareh out o/  Put on your war paint  17:57, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

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