Hey, guys.

As you all know, our head admin and friend Forestpaw13 left the wiki yesterday.

if you didn't know that, look here.

Today, on the IRC, Forest PMed me and gave me a message to say to all of you.

From Forest:

I'm not coming back. I'm pissed at everyone no matter what they say and I'll miss you all with everything I have and I'll always remember you.

Love, Annie.


Just needed to get that out there.

Oh, and if any of you read my blog that I'll be leaving (too lazy to post a link) I'm not leaving. At least not yet. I want to see if the wiki completely wrecks first. I give us a month :/

.....A very depressed Stareh out.... I am Billy the Mexican and I am your janitor. 20:16, January 24, 2012 (UTC)

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