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Warriors Fanfiction

Okay, so I got an AWESOME idea for a collab-type thing. There might be things like things like this already, and if there are, psh, whatevs. I'm making my own. If not, I feel SPECIAL for thinking it up! So, in regular collabs, each user has a designated chapter to write, usually one or two per story. But, in MY collab...

Everyone writes one sentence. 8D

So, okay, so it would go like this:

User 1: Juniperfoot rolled onto his back and twitched his whiskers, looking bored.

User 2: It was hot and muggy out, the hunting not very good, and there was nothing to do.

User 3: Every one else, it seemed, had something to do, though.

User 4: The apprentices were practicing battle moves in the creek, the queens setting up a scavenger hunt for the kits, and the elders telling stories to eachother in the shade.

Get it?

So, I think this could be pretty cool. With every user writing a sentence, it'll go faster. 8D

If You Want To Join Stareh's Wonderful Collab...


1. Keep sentences short. No: Lollipopfur padded into the clearing then turned around and went to the creek then doubled back and went to the waterfall then decided she was bored and went back to camp to eat a squirrel and play with the kits and share tounges and....

2. You must be active to participate. I don't want someone who comes on, like, once every two weeks. You must be able to come on nearly every day for this to work, because we're going in order of who requests to join.

3. No god-modding the cats. Plz. ;-;

4. Don't kill off any cats. Without asking, at least. D8


So, we're not going to have a set plot. We'll start with one sentece, and go from there. If people are unable to start a plotline themselves, I will set one and you will have to follow the plotline. I don't want this to happen, so. Write well. xD


Since all of us are pretty much going to be writing in the PoV of the same cat and we don't get our own personal characters to write with, I'm open to character suggestions for the collab. :)

Current Participaters



FanOfStuffeh Steveh

NOW GO JOIN! :{D You've been Star'd. ._. 19:50, April 12, 2012 (UT