With a recent turn of events, most of us (should) know about the bombings that happened in Boston yesterday. Since then, I have seen countless blogs (not just here, like actual blog blogs), statuses, and heard angry comments about this. 90% include some comment on how the USA is a "terrible" place full of "terrible" people and is a "terrible" place to live. 

So, this is Stareh's Contradiction Blog. 

I'm not going to try to defend the people who did these bad things - Sandy Hook, Aurora theater, now Boston. Won't even try to say the things that happened were for a good reason and acceptable because you all would think I needed to be locked up somewhere. 

But under no circumstances is what they did relevant to the country. 

Yes, we allow people to have guns. Yes, we have one of the (the?) highest crime/murder rate in the world. But that does not make this country a bad place. At all. I used to shake my head in disgust at the people in other countries who used to say "America is such a terrible place to live. I will never ever go there." But now I'm seeing people from the States saying it and it's breaking my heart. If us Americans don't even have faith in our country, what do you think is going to happen to us? Nothing good. 

I, for one, love America. I don't really want to live anywhere else. It has its flaws, but it has such incredible positives as well. We're the country that stood tall and strong until independance could be declared against Britain. We were the brainiacs that got our spaceships on the moon first. We're the ones that give our citizens an unbelievable amount of rights. We're the ones that stood strong against North Korea. We're the ones with the red and white stripes. We're the ones in the army. We're America. 

Yes, we've got the bad. Gun laws, our technologically advanced war weapons, the discrimination that took place way back when. We even nearly destroyed our own country in the Civil War. The terrorist attacks on 9 11.

But that doesn't make our country bad. It's the people out there, the wackjobs that think things like this is funny - or they're mentally unstable and can't tell the difference between right and wrong anyways. According to most people this only occurs in the US - but it's far from it. What about Hitler, Hussein, Mussolini, all those crazy dictators that killed so many people? The fact that they were the rules of their country seems to make that worse than just having a few maniacs shoot some building up. They're not in charge of the whole country. The grief of lost lives can never go away but the country will be purged of the individual's caused issues.

This blog has steadily grown into a full-out rant, and if you read it all, well, jeez. But before I end this blog, I want all of you Americans - and whoever else needs to learn that we aren't just doom and gloom - to listen to this song. Because we're not the terrible country that all the outsiders, and some of the insiders, make us out to be. We're America. Land of the brave. Home of the free.

Stareh out. 19:28, April 16, 2013 (UTC)


It's America by Rodney Atkins with lyrics

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