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Stareh Stareh 21 August 2018

I miss you all.

So I've been really nostalgic lately. I haven't used a computer much at all in the last few years other than to do school work, and I happened across my old Wattpad trying to find something the other day. And with it came years and years of memories, mostly consisting of this website, the people I met here, and the memories I made. 

It was 2011 when I joined this Wiki. Earlier than that, actually, because I had a previous account. So let's say 2010. That was almost 9 years ago. I was 11. That's absolutely crazy to think about. And even being so young, I ended up making some relationships with people that were incredibly strong and meaningful. With a bunch of people I met online, bonded over cats. 

I'm going to be 20 next month. Most of the u…

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Stareh Stareh 13 January 2016

i said i was coming back and that was the last time i edited lol

because approximately one week after i posted my last blog saying I was gonna be more active, my fudging laptop broke so thats cool 

like it was completely fried and unsavable 

and I had JUST started working when it broke so i had no money saved to buy a new one yet 

but as of an hour ago I have a brand-spanking-new laptop and I am back yo 

idk what you guys do in terms of talking anymore if its more chat or irc but let me know and i'll be around like a lot more because lets be honest if im not working or my boyfriend isnt over (those two things combined take up about three days a week max) I have absolutely nothing, n o t h i n g to do with my time, you guys have no idea how shit bored i've been the last three and a half months wow 

last time …

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Stareh Stareh 20 September 2015

yay fall is coming

cider mills and sweaters and boots and pumpkin and yaAS

i feel like the only blogs i post lately are ones of me leaving or coming back 

also wiki is stupid posting blogs w/o content so bear with me 

anyway despite me saying i was going to be more active over the summer that didnt really pan out 

but i seem to have a lot more free time than i thought i would even with school starting 

so i will TRY MY HARDEST to be active and actually WRITE more, i promise 

my creative writing juices just have not been flowing very much recently but i will try to fix that 

okay this blog was a lot shorter than i thought it would be but i guess short story even shorter im kinda back even though i didnt technically leave??? 

love you all~ all we ever share are dial tones 1…

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Stareh Stareh 14 June 2015

since i have nothing to do with my life anymore

stupid wiki 

anyway since its now summer and I have no way to spend my time, I've been considering revamping my old RP site JMC. (link here if you need it cause the noobs probably have no idea what jmc is) 

operating a RP site is a lottttt of work and it'll keep me busy this summer, but I'm not gonna do it if people aren't gonna join. So if you'd be interested in joining if I restarted the website, let me know. 'cause I think it would be tons of fun if the Clan could be active with plenty of users. It'll probably only last through the summer, 'cause that's how I've done it in the past is only have it active during the summer when most users will be around plenty and then shut it down once school starts again. 

in my experience, noobs love RP,…

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Stareh Stareh 10 June 2015

laughing at myself bc I said I wasnt coming back

but I am a dirty dirty liar 

summer starts in like 2 days and for the first time in two years I have no job, no boyfriend, no friends, basically nothing at all to even do to keep myself entertained. and I found some old drawing I did for a story I did on here like an hour ago and I was like holy crap I can just like lounge around WFW and start writing again and boom my laptop will become my life again like it was when I was like 13 lol 

soooo I cant promise a whole lot of writing but I will definitely be on the wiki more often for the next few months at least since I have NOTHING to do with my life. just be able to talk to people more probably read more stories help out if its needed etc. idek if you guys still use IRC the channel looks dead…

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