Okay, you do NOT know how long this break has felt so far. It's been, what, four days since Friday? Well, it's FINALLY HERE. Christmas!!! So anyway, I got some good presents: a new Webkinz, a minimanequinn that you can pose to draw pictures from, a Butterfinger  candy thingymabobber, some craft stuff, some nail polish... and a laptop.                                                                                                                  You guys have NO IDEA how many typos I've made  on this thing. I can't hit enter... but  anyway. It's Windows 8 and it's a laptop and I like it. ...Even though the space  button only works about half the time. I'm sure it's just being broken in. Well, anyway. WHO THINKS THEY GOT THE BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT?!?!?!                            ChimeraPoint 15:15, December 25, 2012 (UTC)                                                                                

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