SpiritOfWolfWaters SpiritOfWolfWaters 18 November 2015

I will draw you things.

Howdy.  Okay, so the purpose of this blog post is exactly what it says in the title.  I will draw you things.  I haven't had enough motivation to really write anything since I came back a few days ago, so I would much rather help out by drawing things.  For an example of my art, check out the picture on my talk page to see my style.  I can pretty much draw you anything as long as it is for a story on here.  If nobody is interested, okay, cool.  I understand.  But I have way too much free time so if you send me a message on my talk page with a description of what you want,  I will have the drawing to you within three days.  That is all. 

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SpiritOfWolfWaters SpiritOfWolfWaters 15 November 2015


I recently found my old account on the site while scrolling through my notes to myself from a long time ago, so I decided to check out some of my old writing (I don't remember writing a single thing on here so I was like holy crap and almost immediately facepalmed haha its so awful). I don't know anyone on here as far as I know but eyy I'm looking for people to help me out with my writing when I do start posting again because I am really aiming to improve it.  I know that my behavior a while ago was immature, as stated on my page.  I'm just looking for people to help me improve my writing, and maybe I can find a friend or two on the Wiki.  

I'm not sure how exactly things have gone since I left, but hopefully I'm not somehow breaking some r…

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