SorrowFlower SorrowFlower 23 November 2013


Sooo Ive never TRUELY blogged before so heh. HERE I GO!

story 1.

So there was this guy right... I mean you probably see a lot of guys on the street some smoke some say hi some just grunt some ignore you! but this.. this one guy... he was WEIIIIRRDDD I mean Im slightly a hypocryte for saying this xcuz. lets face the facts people I AM WEIRD! ... and I like it XD. so anyways Me and my friends where walking around I think we where off to buy subway? not so sure... andyways and there sitting on the steps of a restruant called earls was a man... now im not pointing figures in case this guy LIVES in a hous and HAS internet and reads warriors and happens to stumble on here soooo I best not describe him. he has his hands on his head hes hunched over …

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