In my last blog I documented the complete disaster of a situation I was in and how my life was rapidly falling apart. As promised, here's an update to tell you how I've fixed it to show you guys that things get better and it's not the end of the world when stuff doesn't go your way.

So... where to start.

Failing second year - yay I didn't get kicked out of university! Instead of giving up, I appealed my case and explained the circumstances that lead to me failing exams. I had to go to a scary meeting with some scary head of departments at my university, but it was only an hour of my life. They listened to my story and were happy to give me a second chance with practically no persuasion. So now I'm at uni part-time re-doing the exams I failed and I'm changing my degree from Neuroscience to Reproductive Biology. I even managed to get complete funding for the whole year by picking up a few extra classes.

Unemployment - don't know if I mentioned this but I changed jobs this summer to help pay the bills. Hands down the worst job I've ever had. So bad I only lasted a month or two before quitting. I'm pretty sure I was working for some sort of drugs front. However, after a lot of rejections and disaster interviews I got another job in the kitchen of a vegan cafe. It's not perfect, the hours aren't perfect but I'm loving getting experience actually cooking food and loving not having to take out a student loan this year.

Friends - still working on this one but I've been a lot better at keeping in touch with people recently and my boyfriend is helping me to become a part of his friend group too.

Health - woohoo not infertile! Turns out a lot of my problems were coming from my birth control. I was getting excruciating migraines and huge dips in my mood, and a variety of other symptoms that are maybe too tmi to share here. Since switching to a progesterone only pill my mood has lifted dramatically and basically all my physical symptoms have gone. As well as this I've started making a conscious effort to exercise every day and eat healthier. Wasn't expecting to feel such a change but I have so much more energy now.

Hopefully hearing about these changes will give you hope for when life doesn't turn out exactly how you planned. Two months ago I felt like I had failed at only 19. Now, I'm still a year behind where I should be, but I'm on the right track. Everything is far from perfect and there's a lot of other things I haven't mentioned here that are not going so well, but there's been a huge improvement.

I hope everyone is doing well. Don't give up if you're going through a tough time.



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