Thank you everybody!!

User blog

This is just a quick update.

I'm actually really looking forward to my last year of school and want to make the most of it. I'm taking Advanced Higher Biology, Advanced Higher Chemistry and Higher Psychology. Wish me luck :D

I get to help out in a general science class, so if any of the younger users need help with science, feel free to ask me any time!

Also, since I'm now on my summer holidays, you'll probably see a lot more of me! :D

Over the next 6 weeks, I want to spend time relaxing and getting back into writing. I've already made plans to spend time with friends and family. Might even get a job!

I was nervous about rejoining this wiki, but all the new users here are ace.

Thank you to all the users who joined my character competition. Thank you to Cchen3 for reading my newest fanfic and for taking the time to post a comment. Thank you to Rainsplash987 for chatting to me one night - it was great speaking to you! Thank you to Bramblefire3118 for being an all round nice person and for welcoming me here with open arms.

You guys are awesome and it feels good to be back <3

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