Hey again, it looks like these blogs are becoming a more regular occurrence!

So first year of uni is officially over and I survived! :D

Once again, life has not turned out as expected. I have a new flat that I'll get the keys in June buuuuut my friend decided she wants to move back home instead of live with me. Looks like 2017 is not my year.

The flat is pretty cool though. It's a top floor apartment with two bedrooms and really near the city centre.


It's in a bit of a sketchy area because it's surrounded by underpasses. Looks like I'll need to invest in a rape alarm. Hopefully I'm not attacked, will keep you updated though. :D

However, the main point of this post is to talk about blogs.

I've moved on from writing Warriors fanfic but I still love blogging and love knowing that people are reading what I post. Writing feels like a release and I love the community aspect of this wiki and the interaction between writer and reader.

So instead of feeling guilty that everything I post here is completely unrelated to Warriors and fanfic, I thought why not start my own blog?

Do you guys read them? If so, where do you read them and could you recommend me some?

I want to write about student life from my perspective as somebody who's on the shy side and struggles find the right friendship groups. I'd also like to write about biomedicine and Edinburgh and living in Scotland's capital city. And get into photography. Basically a sort of lifestyle blog.

Would any of you guys read that?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions

Thank yooouuuu and hope you're well

Smudge <3

(you'll be happy to hear I started reading the Warrior Cats books to my little sister. they're so nostalgic!!)

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