Hello everyone!

Sadly I still have no time to write here but thought I would give you guys a quick update on what's going on. Since it's Monday and I have a minute to spare :D

So far, my last year of school has been awesome! I'm talking to loads more people and it is splendid. I've made so many lovely new friends!

Work is also great! I know a lot of you are a couple of years younger but if you ever get the chance to start a part time job, do it! I have no regrets. I feel like waitressing has increased my confidence hugely. It is also really interesting to work with a wide range of different people - for example half of the people I work with are Polish. Did you know that dziękuję means thank you?

Plus earning your own money is good. Now I dont have to mooch off my parents so much :P

I'm in the process of applying for University as I have finally decided that I want to study neuroscience. I'm applying to five different places around Scotland - fingers crossed one of them will accept me! :D

Right now I'm trying to write a personal statement but it's really difficult. Basically this blog post is just my form of procrastination...

So what have you guys been up to? Any exciting news? :)

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