Hey, Smudge is back!

I know I should probably leave this wiki since I don't really contribute much anymore, but I've been writing life updates here for so many years (I think 9? wow) that sometimes things just don't seem real until I share them with you.

So, what's 2nd year of uni been like?

A bit shit, to be perfectly honest.

It started off great; I threw myself into student life way more than I did in my 1st year. Lots more drinking, lots more socialising, lots more fun. I was even brave enough to apply for a volunteering role that, while being way out of my comfort zone, allowed me to meet lots of lovely people and have exciting new experiences that I probably never would have had otherwise. I also got a job at a bar in the city centre (something I never ever thought I could manage just 2 years ago) so no more lonely nights in my room and lots more money in my pocket.

No more gross, mouse-infested student halls, no more living next door to the ex. I now have a nice cosy flat with my incredible flatmate, Fatima.

But the reason 2nd year has been shit is that I have recently realised something; I think I hate my degree. Was not expecting to find this after it being my dream to study neuroscience for at least 4 years. I have no more passion, no more enthusiasm, no more interest really for what I'm studying and this is making life pretty difficult at the moment. Because I have to get up at 9am 5 days a week to go and study it.

I haven't made up my mind for sure that I'm quitting the neuroscience degree and am hoping that I'll find something that reignites my interest again. But at the moment I am seriously thinking about trying to switch to a nursing degree after my exams this summer. Sorry mum and dad, actually haven't plucked up the courage to tell them yet.

In other news, there's somebody pretty special who I probably should have introduced you to by now. His name is Calum, he's Canadian, we're different in pretty much every way but somehow we work well together.

And guess what?

This summer we are moving in together! (and getting a cat!!!!! called Frank)

I'm excited and nervous and am actually slightly scared of ruining everything by writing it down. But it's one of the biggest thing's that's happening in my life right now and I was pretty desperate to share. This might be the best or the worst thing that's happened to me, who know's.

Hope you are all well!!


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