Hey guys!

Just a quick post to tell you I have sat all my exams and I have now officially left high school!! Well... almost :D still need to finish getting my leavers form signed.

So what's next?

Well, the most exciting thing is happening in early September when I will be moving to a completely different city to start the next part of my life. Yes, I have accepted my offer from Edinburgh University to study neuroscience!! Hopefully it will be everything I imagine - Edinburgh is a very high-ranking university and one of their professors just one a prize for leading brain expert so I'm really looking forward to going there :)

I already have my accommodation sorted and have even spoken to my flatmates! I've been given a four person flat which is a pretty perfect number. Moving in with complete strangers is a very daunting thought, but hopefully they will be lovely and there will be no problems :D

But for now I've got 3 months of summer to fill. Hopefully I will get round to finishing that old fanfiction StarClan's Whispers, but we'll see :D

So what plans does everyone else have for the summer :)

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