Somehow I got offers from all 5 of the universities I applied to. I'm in shock. I'm pretty sure they made a mistake but I'm not going to question it :D

So in September I'm off to Edinburgh - one of the top 20 universities in the world - to study neuroscience. Wtf? How did that happen?!!

The main point of this post though...

I have noticed many people on here struggling with depression or anxiety. In fact, almost every time I check this wiki I see somebody admitting to feeling this way.

Basically this blog is to say that things can get better :)

You can see from previous posts that I was going through a pretty rough time and feeling pretty low in myself (yeah...). Life was not good and I felt like it would never get better. I felt like that was it... forever.

I can now say - truly and honestly - that I do not feel this way at all. Life is pretty good :D

One of the most important things I learned over these past few years is not to be too hard on yourself :) Accept yourself for who you are and just go with it and be proud. Don't ever try to change for anybody.

Getting a job can really improve your confidence. Before I started waitressing I was always so scared to talk to anybody, but now I can just start a conversation with a stranger because what's the big problem? It's also such a great way to meet people. I have met so many lovely people through this job who I would have NEVER met otherwise! No regrets at all. I guess joining a club would also allow you to gain confidence and meet new people, but a job has the added benefit of money :D

One thing I cannot emphasise enough is study. Want to be a doctor? A writer? A teacher? I know when you're feeling bad it can feel like such a struggle. When you're down it can feel pointless, it can actually hurt. But it's worth it. Holy shit it's worth it. Put the work in now and the whole world opens up to you. Though it pained me and I thought of giving up many times, I put the effort in and I can definitely say that it paid off.

I know that this advice will not help everyone. Not everybody is the same.

But if this helps or gives hope to one person I'll be happy.

Stay positive and keep working hard <3

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