Good grapefruit. This is finally - finally, finally, finally - my last week of school. Phewf.

Have I already told you guys about my new timetable? I know I've babbled on about how incredibly excited I was to get it. And I was completely right to be excited for it because it's amazing.

Weirdly enough, I think Physics is my favourite class so far. But my Physics teacher figured out how she recognised me!! She kept asking if I had any older siblings, but last lesson she remembered that she had taught my uncle! Not good. Not good at all. My uncle made teachers cry and was banned from his Leavers Ball for writing on the wall with some sort of seafood. I think he and my dad were both asked to leave school.


Maths is so much better. Our teacher is the best.

Poetry sucks.

I seriously miss my old Art teacher!! He was great! But the subject is still enjoyable enough...

Oh yeah! My best friend says she might be moving! And usually when she says 'might' she actually means 'is definitely'. She's going to Inverness. Which is ages away and means that she won't even be going to the same school as me! She won't even tell me why or when she's going!! Boo. I'm sad...


Got a bit off topic there.

The whole point of this blog was to tell you that I'll be starting my summer holidays on Saturday. So I'm going to be on here more often. And I'm going to write here again. I found a whole folder of old Warrior Cats stories that I found stuffed down the side of a wardrobe (I had a clear out and now I have no clothes). I'll type all of them up.

I'm going to my Uncle's wedding. He's having it in the North of Scotland up a hill. Worst decision ever. It'll be effing freezing. It'll probably be snowing up there right now. At least we'll only have to drive about twenty minutes to get there because we already live in the North of Scotland...

I'm also going to a family get-together-barbecue-thing somewhere down the West Coast. My Grannie usually throws it in September but we realised that that was a stupid idea because it always rains in September and we end up having the barbecue in the garage. Also there are ten too many people to fit in the house, so some of us (unfortunately, I'm included in that some of us) are chucked out into tents. Camping in a storm isn't fun.

So I'm pretty much free for seven weeks! Yey! I'll try and come up with some completely new fanfics too!

Bye!! :)

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