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Warriors Fanfiction

Hi again! As some of you know, I started studying neuroscience at uni this year. This is just a quick update to tell you how it's going and let you know I'm still alive :D

So I've been living here for over a month now. The main thing I've learned since moving to the city is: I can sleep through almost anything. Not even kidding. On the first week somebody passed out in my flat and an ambulance was called. Didn't hear a thing, I was completely sound asleep.

The first week was very hard. University is so different to school and it takes a lot of time to wrap your head around living by yourself. I'm not going to lie, I was so homesick I cried for almost the entire week and thought I'd made a terrible mistake.

But after talking to my flatmates, I think this is normal. It gets better and easier very quickly.

I'm living in a flat with 3 other girls and I can honestly say I couldn't wish for better people. We get on so well and they are such great company! 3 of us are first years from Scotland and the fourth girl is a third year French exchange student. It's a bit of an unlikely mix of personalities and backgrounds but I wouldn't want to share a flat with anyone else :D

I have done so many new things already, things that I would never have done if I was back home. As someone who used to spend all their time locked up in their room, I encourage you guys to get out there and be a bit more social. Maybe join a club or even just say hello to a stranger. I met my boyfriend because he was part of a flat swap I was really scared to take part in. But I took part in it anyway and I'm really glad I did because he's pretty awesome :D

The course itself is so interesting. This year I'm taking 3 classes; Biomedical science, Biological Chemistry and History of Medicine. It's so nice to finally focus on subjects that I'm genuinely interested in and want to pursue a career in. And I've already met so many great people on this who have the same interests as I do.

I realise that university may not be for everyone but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it :)

Hope you guys are doing well too!! <3