Shinestar212 Shinestar212 13 February 2014

I'm leaving

Hi guess what I'm leaving. I know the first question is why. Well I'm very busy and I never have time for this wiki. I won't be gone for good ill check in once in a wile. Hollyleafisawesome I hope the you finish Just Our Selves. It's okay if you don't. I'm sorry for the contest I could never judge and for the contest I could never finish. If anyone wants to take over it's okay but you don't have to. I'll be checking in on the long weekend. I'm not sure if many people know me because I haven't done much on the wikia so I guess my leaving won't be to much of a lost. Also don't be surprised if one day I decide to start another story or leave a comment. I still want to be I'm clans and I hope I can check in every month but until then goodbye.

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Shinestar212 Shinestar212 2 January 2014

== Shinestar212's Contest == '''

Hi I'm making a new contest an I hope that people will join. I still have to get this approved but I want to make the blog post. Here are the guide lines:

  1. Theme of Contest: Fanfiction (New Warriors)
  2. Amount of Contestants Aloud: 8
  3. Deadline: February 6
  4. Type of Contest: Fanfiction
  5. Amount of Chapters at the most: 8 or more

If you would like to join please put it in the comments. Also is there is 8 people please do not ask to join. When joining please put in the information below.

User name: Story name: Warrior name:

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Shinestar212 Shinestar212 5 December 2013


Hi guys I'm up in Canada and I'm wondering do you guys have snow. Just saying the snow is up to my waist and I'm one of the tallest kids in my class. I had to miss school yesterday because of the snow. It's like -30 here. You can barely get around the city. What's it like in the USA. My bus is always late. We can't get out our front door the snow is to high. We have to go out the garage. Now I don't want to seem depressed because I luv it here.

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