SalemtheCruel SalemtheCruel 25 July 2011

Hollyleaf: Dead or alive? My speculations.

Ok, so I'm sure all of us (or at least SOME of us) know that Hollyleaf apparently met her death in the end of the Power of Three when the tunnel collapsed on her..... Or did she?? Ok, so I know there's been a LOT of talk about this in the past, but I'd really like to hear what other people's opinions are on this really weird event. Anyway; I believe that Hollyleaf will return alive, possibly as a crazed villain wanting to get revenge or something. It seems plausible, at least, to me. Here is some evidence

Jayfeather PICTURED Hollyleaf getting crushed by rocks but never heard any noise or anything that my prove she was.

In a recent Omen of the Stars book (forgot which one, lol.) A cat (Jayfeather, I think) finds some of Hollyleaf's fur in theā€¦

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