Hey all, so I’m not sure if any of you noticed but I had a spurt of activity going on about a month ago; and it really may have seemed like I was coming back to the wiki; which I was planning to, by the way, before I sorted of faded away again.

This was actually not me changing my mind about coming back, or just forgetting about it; it was me not having any choice or any time because my grades were in a horrific state and finals were coming up and I hardly had enough time to eat dinner.

Fortunately, the quarter is over, and I finished my finals today! I don’t know my results yet, only my science on which I got a 99%, however, I do believe I did quite well on all of them.

And with a brand new quarter that will contain easier classes as well as the fact that I have no upcoming big exams, I am pleased to report that this time I shall be returning and I shall be returning for good!

Now, I did set some goals for myself this time, in order to keep me motivated and stuff so I’m going to count on y’all to pressure me to go through with them!

*I plan to finish Back for You by the end of February. In order to do this I wish to update at least twice a week, preferably three or four times.

*Leave a constructive comment on at least three stories a day. I will first be reading the stories on my reading list but will search around the recent activity for newer stories as well!

*Organize and maintain wffwrimo which shall begin in only seven days!(I’m excited eep :D)

*Make at least five edits a day; this will include my three from commenting so the other two can be updated, commenting on blogs, or messaging friends/people I’d like to befriend

*Be on IRC for at least one hour a day

So I do plan to stick to these goals and remain on this wikia for a while to come! I’ve missed you all a poop-ton x

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