Since I am the ulitmate Winnie The Pooh fan, I decided to make my own parody of it. I can't make a page since it isn't warriors related so I just put it on this blog. It contains a lot of inside jokes, that only a few users will get :P


Cristopher Robin: Floatie

Pooh: Robo

Piglet: Misty

Tigger: Moon

Rabbit: Rainy


Kanga: Fuzzy

Roo: Ash

Gopher: Ninja

Owl: Feather

Narrator: Nighty

Chapter 1- In which there is a Bunnies VS Turtles war

Rabbit: *combing hair* It's so wonderful to be a rabbit! Nothing better to be!

Tigger: *jumps on Rabbit* Heya Rabbit!

Rabbit: (in weary voice) Hello Tigger.

Tigger:I bounced ya!

Rabbit: You sure did. If only all animals were as amazing as us bunnies. Then we would have no nonesense in this world.

Tigger: *spits* Bunnies? That would be the worst world I have ever seen! I say the whole world she be tiggers!

Rabbit: *spits back* TIGERS!!! That would be absolutly horrible! *wrinkles face in disgust*

Cristopher Robin: *walks up* What are you guys talking about?

Rabbit: How bunnies are the best things in the world.

Tigger: Tiggers!

Rabbit: Bunnies!

Tigger: Tiggers!

Rabbit: Bunnies!

Tigger: Tiggers!

Rabbit: Bunnies!

Cristopher Robin: *sighs* I don't know... *turns to pooh* What do you think Pooh bear?

Pooh: Well... I would have picked Pooh bears, of course, but considering how useless we are I would have to say turtles.

Cristopher Robin: Why turtles?

Pooh: I dont know... Turtles just seem... I can't think of the word for it.

Owl: *flies in* I know the word you are thinking of! It must be turtley!

Pooh: Yes that is it!

Rabbit: *scoffs* well I think bunnies are way better than those wrinkly things.

Tigger: I still say Tiggers but i guess my second choice would be turtles.

Rabbit: *screams* WHY???

Narrator: *feels bored* I should spice this story up a bit...

A million turtles suddenly appear on the ground.

Rabbit: AHHHH! Where did there things come from!

Pooh: *points up* I believe it came from up there.

Rabbit: *shakes fist at sky* This isn't funny narrator!

Tigger: *Playing with turtles* Wook at these wittle things!

  • turtles bites Tigger's finger*

Tigger: OW! OW! OW! OW! *begins bouncing around*

Gopher: *Gets out of hole in the ground* What all the racket about?

Rabbit: The narrator sent down a batch of turtles after we started arguing over whether turtles or rabbits are better.

Gopher: *looks at turtles* I say! Those aren't turtles they are tortoises! *points at Rabbit* And you aren' a rabbit. you are a hare!

Pooh: There is no difference between the two...

Gopher: OF COURSE THERE IS *goes into hole and pulls out book* *opens book and points at page* It clearly states the differences here.

Pooh: Who cares?

Gopher: I do!

Rabbit: It doesn't matter! We have to get rid of all these turtles

Gopher: You meant tortoises


Pooh: Why would you want to get rid of them?

Rabbit: Because bunnies are way better!

Pooh: No turtles are!

  • piglet magically appears*

Piglet: Can't we all have peace?

Rabbit: NO!

Rabbit: Bunnies! Wouldn't you agree Chrisopher Robin?

Cristopher Robin: Well... I personally think turtles are way better...

Rabbit: Tigger?

Tigger: Turtles beat those stinky bunnies

Rabbit: Piglet?

Piglet: Can't we all have peace?

Everyone: NO!

Rabbit: Gopher?

Gopher: I say this is a very dumb argument. I am outa here *dissapears back into whole*

Tigger: Well then

  • everyone starts arguing while Piglet begs for peace*

Narrator: What a dumb argument? Why would anyone pick a bunny or a turtle when the best is obviously... NIGHT FURRIES

Narrator: Time to teach them a lesson *sends a million Night furries into the sky*

Rabbit: *looks up* Nighty furries! Run for your lives!

  • everyone runs*

Narrator: *chuckles*

The end of Chapter 1

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