I know, I know, two blogs in two days. But I just got the idea for this and it struck me as a good one, and I needed to make a blog so...

My second blog of the month=poof.

But yes, I am having a contest... for songfics! And it will be shaped very similary to Warriors Idol xD

So there is an unlimited amount of ppl who can enter but I need judges to help me out! I will take two judges to help me judging :)

Here is how this will work:

In each round the contestants will submit one songfic. You can make the page and edit it whenever you please, but it must be complete by the due date or it is automatically disqualified. There will be three rounds; the first round where we judge everyone's songfic; the second round where there will be a final four, and from there, a top two. The winner of the final round wins the Songfic Idol.

Wish to join?

Here is what you do:

-Sign up in the comments and also include which song you plan to be doing so that no one else takes it. You can't repeat songs others are doing :)

-Have your story done by the due date which is going to be the 25th

-Wait for a message from moi to see if you have moved on (I'll explain what happens after that once we reach that point.)

Want to judge?

Your steps are as follows:

-Sign up in the comments

-Wait for the 25th where you will judge the congfics

-Read all the songfics and give them a score from 1 to 10, both in the comments section and on this blog. Include the reasoning behind that score.

-Do not bias because you like a song or an artists. If you are helplessly in love with a song to a point where you realize you can't fairly judge, then you can tell me and it will be fine, you just won't judge that entry. We are taking the average of all the scores.

-Be done judging by the 30th

So if you would like to sign up just leave a comment below claiming what you would like to sign up for (and if you are a contestant the song you are using).

Good luck, y'all!

Round One!




Himg's Scores

We Are Young: 7

Your Heart Is A Muscle:8

What Hurts The Most: 6.5

The Fighter: 9

Shattered Angles: 8

Give Your Heart A Break: 7

Robo's Scores

We Are Young: 7.5

Your Heart Is A Muscle:8

What Hurts The Most: 6.5

The Fighter: 10

Shattered Angles: 7

Give Your Heart A Break: 8.5

Red's Scores

We Are Young: 6.5

Your Heart Is A Muscle: 8

What Hurts The Most: 6

The Fighter: Not judging

Shattered Angles: 6.5

Give Your Heart A Break: 8.5

Averaged Scores:

We Are Young: 7

Your Heart is a Muscle: 8

What Hurts The Most: 6.3

The Fighter: 9.5

Shattered Angels: 7.2

Give Your Heart A Break: 8

Round Two!

In round two the four winners will have their new songfics will be paired up against each other-first place against fourth and second place against third-and the judges will decide among the two which one is better. The winner from the two pairs will move onto the finals.


Stareh with Jar of Hearts (Songfic) against Dawny with Stand in the Rain (Songfic)

Aqua with Silhouette against Rainy with A Little Faster


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