Okay, so this blog covers several topics, but that is no excuse to avoid it >:( OR I WILL SHOOT YOU WITH... WITH.. WITH... *steals Nighty's avacado gun* WITH THIS!

So read on... or face mah wrath.

Also I made a Watty Acount! :D I don't have any stories on there yet but I have an idea and I think I will start it soon. I am QueenTurtle but I just linked it here. Happy Ninja? Happy Rainy? Happy Ash?


MY NEW SHOW SERIES THINGY :DDDDDD It releases every Saturday but I released the first one a day early for Nighty :) Anyways, Im not a hug fan of advertising because then I feel a little pushy n'all. I JUST NEED YOUR HELP.

In this series the charries are all based off YOU. Yup, wikians :) And although I made a lot of charries without the permision of others I have decided that I will stop doing that :P

If you want to be a part of my series, in our wikia clan (WaterClan), just leave a warrior name and physical descripion below. Not charchteristics, a physical description. 

And before anyone asks, no, I did not copy off Rainy. I coppied of Red ;) But its not really coppying cuz she said I could so yeah... I didnt copy of anyone. 

So, uh, yeah. DID YOU READ IT? DID YOU READ IT? Good. I thought so. *gives Nighty her avacado gun back*. 

(oh god, I'm looking back at this and it's so nooby which sounds pretty hypoctical of myself since I am still a major n00b XDDD)

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