Yeah... Title says all folks xD Title says all...

So... my resolution. *steps up to podium*. Test, test. 'Kay, here we go :D

My new years resolution for the year of 2013 is to become a better person and help others and get good grades and uh... be a batter person? And lose weight :D

JKJK (I could NEVER diet... Like I would fail the minute I started xD)


My resolution for the year of 2013 is to take my thoughts to a step further. My goal is to complete what I have started, start what I have planned, plan what I have anticiapted, and anitciapte what I have dreamed. My goal is to complete my dreams.

My goal is to try a little harder this year than before. My goal is to embrace the future instead of let it embrace me. My goal is to reach even farther; but also to get even farther so that I can see where I am reaching.

My goal is to publsih my novel, write a new one, and finish all of the fanfictions I have started on here. My goal is to resist peer pressure. (Lemme explain for a moment: I don't base my life of what my peers think I should do xD. Thats not the kind of person I am. But I have changed some parts of my life because of peer pressure. For example: I stopped watching a show I used to really like, because it was viewed as a "little kids show", and I didn't want anyone to find out I even had a remote intrest in it. I don't really regret leaving the show, because it wasn't that great xD, but it does bother me that I was unable to control what I did, and I let a part of me be controled by something else).

My goal is to explore more; and to open up even further. My goal is to be more sympathetic, and not run away from little deeds which are easy for me to do and can mean a lot to another person.

I DO aim to get good grades again; that never hurts. Maybe get a little more active than I already am, although I don't care too much about that stuff.

My goals concerning WFW are to make more construcitve comments; it is important to get good feedback, and it should be pretty easy for me to sympatheise with people who don't get very good feedback :P I want to finish all of my fanfictions as I wont be working on them much. Another goal is to steer further away from FFs and more towards original novels which I can publush and put on my aplication forms for college. (XD yes I AM thinking about that already.)

And with that I conclude my resolution for 2013, shortening it to: my resolution is to complete my dreams.


'*exits stage*

'*crowd (hopefully) claps*

I KNOW it was cheesy, and feel free to say so, but I honestly dont care xD I'm quite proud of myself for coming up with a proper resolution and not putting, "Dont fight with my siblings" or "Be more orginized" or "Good grades." I feel like I have left a good comment on someone's story :P

So go ahead, comment on how cheesy it was, how beautiful it was, or leave your own resolution :D Just do not ignore everything I wrote up there ^ because of the title. Although I doubt you would be reading down here if you hadn't bothered to read up there... So if you are up there^, make sure you read all the way down here. Because I actually put some time and thought into that xD

So... *steps back* Comment away :)



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