K, so I was discussing some of these questions with Rainy, Meadow and Strikeh and I picked out my faves to present to you :D

Would you rather...

Be able to lie without anyone knowing it?


Always know when someone else is lying?

Be a friendless loser?


Have a load of friends who secretly hate you? (From the clique ;))

Sound like Elmo?


Sound like the grinch?

Lose an arm


Lose a leg?

Be rich and have no love in your life


Be poor and be happy? (I know its cliche but it's still quite a good one :D)

Be able to read everyone's mind and have everyone able to read yours?


Have no mind reading at all?

Be ugly and marry someone good looking


Be good looking and marry an ugly person?

Have very little good-tasting food to eat


Lots of bad-tasting food to eat?

Live somewhere exotic in a tiny house


Live somewhere regular and boring in a huge house(no travel)?

So you can put your answers or add your own 'would you rathers'. Just did this for fun and because I was a little bored ;)

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