Roboflight Roboflight 23 January 2014


Hey all, so I’m not sure if any of you noticed but I had a spurt of activity going on about a month ago; and it really may have seemed like I was coming back to the wiki; which I was planning to, by the way, before I sorted of faded away again.

This was actually not me changing my mind about coming back, or just forgetting about it; it was me not having any choice or any time because my grades were in a horrific state and finals were coming up and I hardly had enough time to eat dinner.

Fortunately, the quarter is over, and I finished my finals today! I don’t know my results yet, only my science on which I got a 99%, however, I do believe I did quite well on all of them.

And with a brand new quarter that will contain easier classes as well as…

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Roboflight Roboflight 7 January 2014

swag lol

So this is an idea that came to me more recently, and one could say it is more-or-less based off nanowrimo (, although I have yet to participate in it.

For those of you unaware with nanowrimo; the goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. This, of course, requires a lot of discipline and commitment; you’ll have to write a good deal of words every day to get to 50,000 within a month. You get support and advice a good deal of the way; all to help motivating you to finish it.

And so I was thinking it would be cool if we did something like this for WFW; throughout the month of February. Any users who sign up would try to write a 10,000 word fanfiction within one month. (That’s approximately 333.5 words per day, assum…

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Roboflight Roboflight 11 November 2013

swag blog titles are hard

yes, I spent like ten minutes sitting before my computer trying to think of a smart title for this blog before throwing in the towel and deciding that this was good enough.

How are all of you guys doing lately? (would it count as caring if I talked about how much I loved each and every single one of you?)

Either way, you’re all beautiful, lovely souls and I want you guys to promise me you’ll make more of your life than I have

I seem to remember there being another purpose to this blog but I can’t recall it at this moment so this is where I bid you all farewell for now! I know I haven’t been on a lot lately but I do check my message board from time to time, and if any of you have a wattpad that’s the quickest way to get to me!

Now, I can swear …

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Roboflight Roboflight 6 October 2013

Im sorry

Okay so, as the title suggested, I’m here for an apology. As many of you know I kinda pissed off a few weeks ago, I think, I don’t exactly remember what was going through my mind but I think it had to do with the book club I made[correct me if I am incorrect].

I haven’t looked at my message board because I horribly regret what I did and none of you really deserved that. I was just upset about something in life which I was unable to fix so, a very cowardly move, I came here where I could let all my anger out and not have to pay for it later.

I guess I was a little blinded and confused which clouded my judgment not to mention the fact that as a teenager my frontal lobe has not yet finished developing so I’m not good at making long-term decisio…

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Roboflight Roboflight 1 September 2013

Interested in getting up to 28 comments on your stories in one month?


So, a week or so back I got this idea. A book club of sorts, only we read each others stories! What I was hoping was that I could get seven other people interested-making eight people in our book. Everyweek each member of the club will name one story(or two songfics/three episodes of a show) that they would like to be read. This makes seven stories for each user to read every week and leave an nice, long comment on(meaning you only have to read one a day)! This also means each user will recieve seven comments on the story they gave for that week(assuming it hasn't already been read&commented on by one of the other members).

So, just a few rules!

  • 1 Do your reading!
  • 2 Stories:
  • 3 Commenting
  • 4 Signing up :)
  • 5 Members
    • 5…

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