RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 4 April 2013

Revenge of the Pink Sparkly Unicorns - or What Really Happened to Tony Stark

Just kidding. Who knows what really happened to Tony Stark? No one does! (unless you've watched Iron Mans 1 & 2 and perhaps three, but I dunno if that's out yet, anyway, to the point!)

SO. I'm starting a new fan fiction, some of you (aka Rainy, my only reader and my all time favorite person of all of you, mwahahaha, just kidding, I love you all, kisses!) have read 'Straight on Til Morning,' but unfortunately, that idea sort of withered and died in my brain, so instead, I'm writing a new one, using that same page because who wants to clautter up the wiki and spam our wonderful admins with deletion requests? Not me, that's for sure!

(NOTE: I'm feeling rather hyper whilst writing this for no apparent reason. Pardon me.)

This new fan fiction is g…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 10 March 2013

Woo! Are You a Good Namer? Get Over Here! :D

So, as you all know, I'm working on my series Luce, and I'm working on the allegiances, but there have to be a lot of cats, like, a lot. In all Clans. I used to pride myself on the ability to come up with pretty good names, but now that talent has seemingly run as dry as the river in Greenleaf. 

But then I thought, What better way to come up with names than to ask my friends for some?

Eh? So what do you guys think? Are y'all up to the challenge of coming up with a bunch, and I mean a bunch of names for cats? I'll start off with giving a few descriptions for some semi-major cats that will appear somewhat frequently, and not be just names in the allegiances, and keep in mind there are four books total, and there will be a multitude of ones incl…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 2 March 2013

Read All About It! Get Your Pamphlets Here!

Hello there, fellow Wikians!

This is an advertisement blog, hence the title and me screaming about pamphlets (those are a form of advertisement you know), and so advertise I shall. There are three fan fictions I'd like to tell you about, all mine, obviously, so here we go! I'll give the summaries as well, so that you don't have to like, look at it to know if you really want to read it or not. :3 

Also, below those will be a naming contest for the newest character in my third ad, so I'd be grateful if you could help me name her! :)

One - Rising Rebellion: Rising Rebellion focuses on the adventures of a rebellious young she-cat living in a concentration camp with her close friends and family in Clan territory where living conditions are awful. …

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 8 February 2013

Because It's Snowing and We All Need Some Cheer

...I decided to make a Q&A blog that is relevant to the inclement weather outside my cozy (new), comfortable home in which I slumber with my fat lump of a cat, Bob, and quite a few good books including the Harry Potter series and Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie (marvelous book, by the way, it's meant for fourth graders but it is really fantastic.). But enough of my reclusive tactics!

Basically, you can comment your answers to the questions with a wikian's name as the answer. The questions are below, and I hope you guys have fun. :3

Snowball-Fights - Duck, there's one coming your way!

  1. Who would you most want to have a snowball fight with?
  2. Who would you most want to be on a team with during a snowball fight?
  3. Who would you most want to oppose duri…
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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 29 January 2013

WFW 1 - Please Read

The following information has been approved by our head admin

As the majority of you all very well know, the wiki has an official page for television series. Our head admin, Arti, has recently made it official that, for organizations' sake, all television shows and episodes and series must be on WFW 1. This does mean that you will have to run all of your television shows (not your episodes, just the series that you will be starting) by me. It's a lot easier to read things and understand them if they're categorized on the page.

Which brings me to a couple of rules that, as the creator of WFW 1, I would like to point out.

  1. When registering your television series, please have everything filled out. It's really quite difficult to place you in a sl…
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