RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 25 June 2014

Lending a Helping Hand

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if I'll be back for good, but since it's summer, I'll probably be editing more frequently and dropping by the IRC to check how things are going. I'll be deleting stuff that requires it, and if you have anything that requires an admin to do, let me know (as Wetty will be gone for a period during the summer, and few of us staff is active now - kudos to Rainy for doing a great job holding this place together!). I'll do my best to do what I can (that sounded redundant). 

On another note, I just compiled a masterpost of writing resources that I figured you guys might make use of - I'll leave the link below. If you guys have a Tumblr, please like it or reblog it to spread the word (also you could follow me. That would be cool…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 14 May 2014

Just a Brief Note

Hi guys,

I'm going to be taking a hiatus-of-sorts from the wiki. I don't know for how long and I don't know when I'll be back (I can't even give you a rough estimate), but hopefully it'll be sometime soon. I might edit a couple times a day and just to post some new stuff, but I probably won't reply to talk page messages or WFW applications or stuff like that. I'll just add a little more to my stories and stuff, I think, but I might disappear altogether. 

I've got some stuff going on in my life right now that I don't really know how to manage, but that I'd like cleared up. I'm not sure how long it's going to take (as evident from the first paragraph), but, again, hopefully I'll be able to return soon and it won't be too big of an episode. 


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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 4 December 2013

Story Stop: Over! And Some News, Maybe, Too

Hi Guys!

Congrats! You've made it through your (for some of you, very first) Story Stop! Wetty and I were able to clear out about a thousand orphaned / unnecessary articles! Pride right there. If any of you guys come across any articles you think might be candidates, feel free to let us know, but please DO NOT  put the deletion tag on yourself. It can be confusing for us. :(

In other news, since I've got to dash in a minute because the schoolbus will be coming, I hope you guys enjoy creating articles (but please, stop by the Adoption page first! We don't need more articles right after we've cleaned it all up). And I hope you guys are enjoying Wikia's new 'fluid layout,' which is a larger, wider, more inclusive layout that I'm already admiring…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 24 November 2013

Important News

Hi everybody!

It's that time of year again - time for a Story Stop.

For those of you new users (and old users who've forgotten), a Story Stop is when we stop writing. Not writing entirely - because let's be real, that would be horrible - but stop creating new articles. Spoofs, fan fictions, series pages, you name it, we will delete it if you create it. You can continue editing your stories, but all pages that are created will be deleted. We are not going to baby you guys anymore. 

The Story Stop is going to start today (November 24th) and end ten days from now (December 4th). Today, we will be giving out warnings so that everyone can get into the Story Stop-mode, but beginning tomorrow pages will be deleted. No exceptions. 

I know Story Stops s…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 9 November 2013

Community Holiday Clanfic!

No matter where you live or what you celebrate, you can't deny - Dumbledore's got style.

Nah, just kidding (kudos to you Harry Potter fans who understood that reference). But in all seriousness, my favorite time of year is approaching: the holiday season! Kicked off by Halloween, the holiday season comprises, for me, of NaNoWriMo all through November, Thanksgiving near the end of the month (and for the rest of the country of America), and then Christmas, and then this time of year is rounded off by ringing in the new year on New Year's Eve. 

I've already seen a number of Christmas / holiday spoofs popping up about the wiki, so I figured - why not create my own? 

This isn't going to be a spoof, per se, more of a community Clanfic of thing. Sta…

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