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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 30 March 2012

The Last Hope--OMG

Okay, so I was looking on the WarriorsWiki page about The Last Hope because I just discovered Monday that it was coming out Tuesday, and so I have recently become obsessed with it, and am sooo excited.

Anyhoo, on that page, I saw this external link that said 'HarperCollins Browse Inside', and I was thinking, 'Oh. My. Gosh. Please work, please work, please work...', so then I clicked it and...voila!


Inside sneak peek at The Last Hope, provided by the publishers, Harper Collins. Up to Chapter 7/8, ton of info. Already found some mistakes, but...good nonetheless (just saying that in the Allegiences, Molekit/paw and Cherrykit/paw are mentioned as still kits...but this just …

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 18 March 2012



I'm just checking to make sure my signature works, Zaffie made it for me, and it's my very first. The one Ducksplash made for me on WCCRW didn't really work, so...I'm trying this one out!

Wit Beyond Measure Is Man's Greatest Treasure 15:48, March 18, 2012 (UTC)

Tell me what you think...please. I'll edit this if it doesn't work and delete my siggie!

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