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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 4 March 2015

One Last Goodbye

Hi guys,

I don't even remember the last time I was on here. I honestly don't. I know I could check, but it's not really important. Because I have to be honest with you guys -- this is probably going to be my last edit on the wiki. 

The past two years have been absolute hell for me. 2/3 of those years I spent here -- and a lot of the time, being around everyone (whether it's Arti, or Wetty, or Rainy, or someone newer) made me feel a lot better. But lately, it hasn't. I haven't been able to get back into the groove of writing fiction, let alone fanfiction. My grades have been fluctuating. I've been hospitalized twice. I've made friends and lost them, all in the span of a couple of weeks. Things have changed so much in my life the past couple o…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 12 January 2015



As of this blog posting, I've been on the wiki for three years. Which I know a lot of you are probably like, "Who cares?" but three years is honestly a long time for me.

When I joined the wiki, Arti and Wetty had been on it for three years. Stareh had been on it for two, Fork had been on for like, twelve (don't quote me on that, obviously), and a lot of my friends hadn't even joined the wiki yet. But when I was a noob, just chilling and writing the stupidest stories with the stupidest plots, I looked up to all of the senior users. I looked up to Arti, and Wetty, and Stareh, and Fork, and Bird, and Birchy. And I still do, don't get me wrong -- but it's weird now, because I'm kind of, I have reached that point where…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 8 October 2014

A Brief Catching Up

Hi everyone!

To our new users -- welcome! It's great to see so many new faces (usernames? Haha) around the wiki. I'm so excited that you guys are all using the wiki correctly and reading the Rules! It makes my job a lot easier and a lot more fun when I don't have to yell at people. :-) To our old users -- great to see you guys still leaving your marks on the wiki around us!

This blog is, as the title suggests, just a brief catching up on my life and your lives around the wiki. Pertaining to the latter part, please feel free to leave what you feel has been going on around the wiki in the comments section below -- I'd love to get caught up. 

On the other hand, my life hasn't been going as great as I'd like it to. Eighth grade (and here I am, co…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 23 July 2014

That Time of Year Again (The Time to Annihilate My Enemies)

Just kidding. For the most part. 

It's that time of year that entails going on vacation! If you're in the Northern hemisphere, you'll probably be enjoying (or hiding from) the sun and relaxing. If you're in the Southern hemisphere, it'll probably be cooler for you and you'll be "enjoying" school. In the event of the latter, I wish you luck. In the event of the former -- I wish you luck and lots and lots of sunscreen. 

Anyhow, I'll be going on vacation tomorrow! For those of you that remember my first summer on the wiki, I went to Texas -- and I'll be returning! Hurrah! Returning to the sweltering heat of the Deep At any rate, we'll also be returning to the Schlitterbahn (for those of you that recall this blog, it's one of the la…

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RedPandaPotter RedPandaPotter 25 June 2014

Lending a Helping Hand

Hi guys,

I'm not sure if I'll be back for good, but since it's summer, I'll probably be editing more frequently and dropping by the IRC to check how things are going. I'll be deleting stuff that requires it, and if you have anything that requires an admin to do, let me know (as Wetty will be gone for a period during the summer, and few of us staff is active now - kudos to Rainy for doing a great job holding this place together!). I'll do my best to do what I can (that sounded redundant). 

On another note, I just compiled a masterpost of writing resources that I figured you guys might make use of - I'll leave the link below. If you guys have a Tumblr, please like it or reblog it to spread the word (also you could follow me. That would be cool…

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