That really is the question, isn't it?

I haven't made a blog since early / mid - July, so I figured it was high time to give it a go again. Currently, in Chicago, it's about one thirty am so you can clearly see why I am debating what I'm actually doing with my life at this point in time. I have just finished the sixth episode of Legend of Korra, Tweeted nonstop about it, and have been watching YouTube videos, trying to write, doing everything a scrambled up person does at one thirty in the morning. Not that you really need to know this, but it's just an update (because I haven't really been editing much around here, I've been on IRC pretty frequently but I've got writers' block with Little Things - go check that out, please - and Red and all of that good Songfic stuff, so I've basically been rolling around the Internet in an indistinguishable mass of feelings.

Right. Anyways. 

The entire purpose of this blog was basically to address a couple of things - y'all know I haven't really been that active as of late but that will change, I promise you. I'm going to be updating like a crazy woman and going all out whenever and whatever and doing all that I can and coding and sig-making and writing and doing everything I can because I have not been participating on the wiki as much as I would have liked to in the past few days / weeks, whatever.

I know Wetty has already started school, but I'm going to be starting soon too! Less than three weeks - August twentieth (Tuesday) is the day. I'm going to be participating in stuff a lot more this year so we'll have to see how that goes (I've already signed up for textbook distribution and tours for the sixth graders and stuff and I'm seriously getting my groove on with all of this school stuff. I'm going to participate in the National Junior Honor Society, get up my credits and all of those good things) with Wiki Activity and all. 

Also, this leads on to another period of really temporary inactivity, but for a week or maybe less (we're thinking the fourth through the seventh? So this Sunday through next Wednesday, the dates are subject to change) my family will be in Milwaukee. The beach, the riverwalk (I didn't even know they had a river there? But apparently they do), you name it my family will cram it into our three-day-itinerary. My parents quite literally plan everything down to the second when we go on vacation - they plan where we're going to stop off and take a bathroom break. They are positively bat-crazy, I'm telling you.

Not that any of that is really all that relevant, I just thought I'd update you guys on it!

Just a quick (hahaha, what a lie) sidenote, quite recently I had both my birthday and I attended my very first ever concert (if you want more details just ask me, I wrote a huge rant on Wattpad about it and I will send it to you if you so wish, just be warned most of you are too...musically-advanced for my tastes; I have very basic pop tastes) and both were absolutely wonderful. I had the best night of my life two weeks and a day after my birthday (aka the concert) and I'm now officially one year away from being a legal Internet user so there's THAT and I am honestly just so excited for thsi year because everything is finally going right for me~

ALSO (man, I haven't updated you guys on anything in my life, wow this is long) my house is under renovation. I recall telling you guys last summer with this odd and nooby blog - this one, actually - we moved! And our new house pretty much sucked in my parents' opinion, so we're gutting the entire thing and now it's good as new. Almost. My room's been painted, we've got new wood floors throughout the entire place, a new kitchen, family room, bedrooms, bathrooms, you name it we've got it new and improved. We're now the technologically-advanced family that moved into the house where the family-that-everyone-loved moved out of. It's really quite odd, but it's good. Anyways, back to the point - we get to move back soon! I dunno how long it'll take to pack all of our stuff up from our grandparents' house and move it back to our house but you never know. Hopefully we'll be back in our house by the time school starts. 

In another completely digressing note, while looking for the link to the aforementioned blog, I came across my old blogs. I have eleven pages of blogs. The first one, may I remind you, was me testing out my signature. It was so creatively named Hi. And then there was HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIE! And "I'm a Unicorn!" "Yes, and I'm an Iron Sheep." Seriously. I am. And oh my goodness, you guys should all go look at my blogs because they are donwright hilarious (or maybe it's just the fact that it's nearly two o'clock in the morning and I'm thinking in a British accent and mouthing all the words I a British accent, still) and if you need a laugh look no further than myself because I was literally the weirdest user ever. 

And that is Red, updating you all on her massively boring life and inviting you all to laugh at and with her because come on, for nostalgia's sake - this wiki has literally been a part of my childhood. I'm not kidding.

Happy Summer to you all, I hope you've been having a great year and I wish you luck if you're going into school, if you're taking exams, whatever you're presently doing I wish you luck. Here's to a great summer, a great school year, and a bunch of really good friendships to come--

-- Red

ps; if any of you are interested in looking for some good YouTubers to watch, message me on my talk page or on IRC and I will show you people who will make you laugh your bum off. Just a thought.

I shall leave you with a gif of one of my favorites, Caspar Lee - 

Tumblr ml80oyOcTf1rp2jspo1 400

Caspar is basically summing up my two am emotions right now. Put a big 'feelings' pushing his eyelids closed and you've nailed me right in everything. Love you all <3

And if you need another gif as an explanation of two am feelings -

Tumblr mqhst57sQa1rlkcoto1 500

this is personally my absolute favorite gif ever mainly because it has my favorite bandmember form my favorite band (please don't hate, that is not the purpose of this blog) and he's getting hit with a basketball and it's actually really amusing because if I used my fabulous (aka nonexistent) Photoshop and image-editing skills, I could accurately portray that basketball as 'emotions' or 'nostalgia' and have it be entirely accurate. Entirely.

RIGHT. THIS IS TOO LONG. I am done here, I hope you guys are doing fabulous, I love you and I will definitely be more active SOON.

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