I dunno if any of you have been watching the news lately, but the Pope's butler has been accused of leaking secrets and top secret papers and files and things.

The butler did it!

However, he's not in jail because, apparently, there is no jail in the Vatican, so he's "locked in a room within its walls" as David Muir quotes.

  • sighs* David Muir is awesome.

And then (I'm listening to last night's news right now), a man killed a young boy. When questioned about his motives, he said he killed him because he looked like his least favorite nephew.

Anyhow, no more bad news. If you didn't know because you didn't read my former blog, I am accepting drawing requests for cats. Just tell me their descriptions and I'll draw them! I'm working on different positions, but for now, the cats are just sitting. :)

I'm also attempting to draw wolves and humans. My wolves are sort of icky, and are only frozen in howl-positions.

Also, next Tuesday (the 5th) is officially my last day of school! It's only one hour though, but we get to clean our desks with shaving cream. So it's all good. :) However, I am upset because I'm moving to a different campus, and since there are like, three different schools we go to after the one I'm currently at, I might be losing all of my friends. At least I'll still have you guys!

I'm going to go practice my cats. Farewell!

I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later! 15:44, May 27, 2012 (UTC)

IF you didn't know, I made that too. :)

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