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It's that time of year again...rather, it is for Red, when her creativity is sparking from her mind like embers from a fire! Red's got a multitude of characters she's just itching for you to incorporate into a story - unless, of course, you came to this blog looking only for the Black Widow's history - in which case you should watch the Avengers. That movie was amazing. 

Now for the fun stuff everyone hates, but unfortunately, is obliged to read. The rules, characters, etc.

Characters Available - One Main Cat per Participant

Rowan ● Rowan is a dark red tabby she-cat with vivid green eyes. Rowan has a long, fluffy tail with a white tip like a fox's. As similar as she is in appearance to a fox, she is in personality - Rowan has a tongue sharper than flint and a very mischievous personality. She's cunning and finds delight in messing with other cats' brains. 

Salazar ● Salazar is a silver tom with amber eyes. As oily as his name, Salazar is a poser and a she-cat's tom, always looking to impress wandering loners, or else find a mate. He's slippery and cunning and loves to mess with other cats, just as Rowan does. He has a huge crush on Rowan and does everything he can to show it.

Trish ● Trish is a golden-brown she-cat with a white chest, belly, and muzzle and amber eyes. She's bubbly and cheerful and is very pampered by her Housefolk. Trish is rather air-headed, but most of her foolish attempts are efforts to please everyone, and she's very cautious about what she says.

Walnut ● Walnut is a dark brown tom with green eyes and one white paw. He's as tough as his name sounds, with a hard outer wall that he's built up around himself. His mother's death when he was young hit him very hard, and though Walnut's outwardly as brusque and uniform as possible, on the inside he's battered and bruised. 

Rosie ● Rosie is a pale gray tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes. She's very shy, but very intelligent as well. She ran away from her Twolegs after an attempt to breed her with another cat at a very young age, and lives in the forest. Rosie would be the epitome of perfection of not for the pink scar warping her face from her nose to her chin.

Echo ● Echo is an ash-gray tom with pale eyes and a white-stained muzzle. He's very quiet, just as Rosie is, but is only so because he can't speak - he's mute. When he was a kit, his Housefolk threw him out for being scrawny, and he was hurt terribly by other cats. The incident has rendered Echo forever unable to speak, making his name cruelly ironic. 

Magdalena ● Magdalena, or Lena as she prefers to be called, is a silver she-cat with beautiful blue eyes. She's sleek-furred and a smooth-talker, and can wheedle her way out of any conversation. She has two kits of her own, Patch and Dusty, and can occasionally grow weary of caring for them. Though Lena has a cold exterior, she's very soft on the inside.

Flight ● Flight is a ginger tabby tom with glowing green eyes. He's a fleet-footed cat, hence his name, and is very outwardly athletic and cheerful. He is terrified of water, as when he was a younger cat, his Housefolk tried to drown him. Flight is outgoing and a great influence on those around him.


Characters ● Each participant may choose a character, however all other characters must be in the story as well - with warrior names or whatnot, it must be clear they are the character. 

Ex: "Pushpin - she used to be a kittypet by the name of Rowan - is a real softie," Rockstar explained to Salazar.

Limitations ● Only eight participants allowed! It gets hectic when trying to judge. Each participant may choose one character, and each character can be used only once. There is a maximum of ten chapters, and a minimum of five.

Judging ● I will be the sole judge, please don't request in the comments. Each story will be judged on a scale of ten points, ten being the most possible, one being the least. 


As with most stories, there are a few general guidelines to follow. 

Deaths ● Necessary deaths: (One) Leader (loss of a single life counts), (One) Warrior, (Two) Apprentices

Clans ● All kittypets / rogues / loners must be inducted into a Clan! Whichever Clan matters not, but in each individual story, aside from your main character, you must incorporate the others! [see above, Characters]

Conflicts ● There is either a problem with a different species of animal (fox, badger, birds, beavers, etc.) or another Clan present in the story.

Characters ● All must be present! Even those who aren't your main character! Points will be deducted if not all characters are present and somehow - creatively - identified. 


First Place ● (One) Colored-in lineart of your choosing (find the lineart, I'll color it), (One) Cover/Banner for a story of your choice (One) Cover/Banner for contest-written story

Second Place ● (One) Colored-in lineart of your choosing (find the lineart, I'll color it), (One) Cover/Banner for contest-written story

Third Place ● (One) Cover/Banner for contest-written story

Fourth - Eighth Place ● (Choose One) Bragging Rights / (One) Coded Signature / Dedication


Rainy ● Rowan ● Journey

Feather ● Walnut ● Breezes

Lilly ● Salazar ● Slippery

Stareh ● Flight ● Untitled

Misty ● Trish ● Falling In

Birchy ● Echo ● Untitled

Maple ● Rosie ● Dusk

I hope y'all decide to join! :3


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