Just kidding. For the most part. 

It's that time of year that entails going on vacation! If you're in the Northern hemisphere, you'll probably be enjoying (or hiding from) the sun and relaxing. If you're in the Southern hemisphere, it'll probably be cooler for you and you'll be "enjoying" school. In the event of the latter, I wish you luck. In the event of the former -- I wish you luck and lots and lots of sunscreen. 

Anyhow, I'll be going on vacation tomorrow! For those of you that remember my first summer on the wiki, I went to Texas -- and I'll be returning! Hurrah! Returning to the sweltering heat of the Deep At any rate, we'll also be returning to the Schlitterbahn (for those of you that recall this blog, it's one of the largest water parks in the world!), which I am incredibly excited for. Hopefully I won't get as sunburnt (or as lost and teary-eyed) as I did last time. Here's hoping it's going to be great. :-)

I'll be gone from the twenty-fourth to the second or third. Wetty and Rainy will take as good of a care as the wiki as always, so make sure you treat them well!

Until August (gosh, I go back to school in August. Where has the summer gone? :-( ),

--i think i'll try defying gravity 19:11, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

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