Just kidding. Who knows what really happened to Tony Stark? No one does! (unless you've watched Iron Mans 1 & 2 and perhaps three, but I dunno if that's out yet, anyway, to the point!)

SO. I'm starting a new fan fiction, some of you (aka Rainy, my only reader and my all time favorite person of all of you, mwahahaha, just kidding, I love you all, kisses!) have read 'Straight on Til Morning,' but unfortunately, that idea sort of withered and died in my brain, so instead, I'm writing a new one, using that same page because who wants to clautter up the wiki and spam our wonderful admins with deletion requests? Not me, that's for sure!

(NOTE: I'm feeling rather hyper whilst writing this for no apparent reason. Pardon me.)

This new fan fiction is going to be called 'Welcome to Society,' and it's going to be about a loner she-cat named Jay who comes to the Clan (not a Clan. THE Clan.) - which is sort of like a Twoleg high school, you know? And naturally, in high schools, there are thousands of students. 

But I can't fit thousands of cats into an allegiances page, nor can there be thousands of cats in a Clan (even THE Clan can't hold that many cats). Nor can I come up with a number of names even remotely near to a hundred cats - I mean, I probably could, but it would take ages to write out everything. So I am going to refrain from doing that, and be lazy, and request that you guys give me some help! 

Basically, if you've come to this blog (hopefully not for the news about our dear friend Iron Man), you've got some good enough naming skills. You're all fan fic writers anyway, right?

Just a few rules to brush over before I give you the format!

  • No RP names, please. This means no 'Cinnamonswirl,' or 'Icebite,' or 'Deathclutch,' or anything like that. All will be rejected, I regret to say.
  • No more than ten (yes, I said ten) cats per person. That would get way too hectic. o:
  • If someone has already started a suffix, please don't repeat it. (as in, User 1 says 'Icefur,' User 2, please don't say 'Iceheart,' unless you think it's a brilliant name, and by brilliant, I mean absolutely fantastic)
  • Please, please, PLEASE follow the format. I'm begging you. I have made it for a reason.

Okay, now, to the format! Huzzah!


Description (Gender, Appearance, Etc.):


Clique: *

Other: **

Okeedoke, that's it for the format. Now, as you saw, there was a little * by the 'Clique' and by the 'Other'. I'm going to explain that below, all right?

All right.

'* The 'clique' is sort of what group they belong to - are they the populars, the cheerleaders, the athletes / jocks, the emo kids, the scene kids, anything you can think of, really. The accapellas, the nerds, whatever, anything. Anything you can think of, literally. There are no limits (just no weird mutants, okay? Nothing unreasonable. xD)

'** The 'Other' can be just that - other, but also, I was thinking it would be interesting and creative if you wanted to base it off of a real-life celebrity. Take many of your role model, as an example - Taylor Swift. Swiftheart. In 'Other,' you would put 'Based off of Taylor Swift.' In this case, you would not have to fill out Personality, History, Clique, or a few other things, because I would get what you meant by the 'Taylor Swift,' and it'd be interesting to see her develop.

Basically, we'll find out how this works as we go. 

Okay. Fire away, fire away~

-- 02:22, April 4, 2013 (UTC)

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