If it's been more than a year since you've joined the wiki, it's likely you remember this (albeit rather noobish) blog, and then this more recent one in which I briefly skated over the topic I'm about to address. As the first blog mentioned, I was moving (a process now long-complete), and then as the second blog addressed, our new house was under renovation - for three freaking months, mind you, in what was an estimated one and a half - and after months of sleeping beside my sister on a sofa bed in my grandparents' smelly old house and listening to our cat and their cat bickering and fighting all night long, we are home.

Home, sweet home. 

We actually began to move back in yesterday, we slept our first night in this lovely new house last night. The entire house was basically redone; walls were knocked down and the kitchen was removed and built up differently in a different spot, rooms were painted and all of the bathrooms were renovated and given a general facelift. I didn't think the house needed much changing initially, but now it looks so nice with the hardwood floors and modern appliances and I just want to make you all so jealous because I love my house so much and I want to share it with some of the people who matter most to me. *-*

And then there's something that is amazing and doesn't concern just me, but all of you excited human beings who are in love with the same fictional boy as I am, one with a mop of unruly black hair and round black glasses, a lightning-bolt scar and two best friends who embody brain and soul. Yes, through that roundabout description, I'm talking about Harry Potter.

If you loved the series just as I have (I sound like a poster-woman or something), then be amazed, for JK Rowling and Warner Brothers have recently announced the creation of an entire new film series in the wizarding world. An entire new franchise (not books, just movies chronicling another story set in the wizarding universe), screenwritten by Rowling herself. We all know how amazing this would be even if it wasn't about someone briefly mentioned in the series, but a person who you would never have given a second thought to. Additionally, for all of you American (like me) fans out there, this series will be set in New York (so a little closer to home) in the roaring twenties. The series will detail the life of Newt Scamander (the noted author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) and I am honestly beyond excited for this. JK Rowling has always been my writing idol and the fact she's screenwriting (she could have just thought it up and made someone else write it, but she's writing the actual script for it, and that makes it infinitely more amazing) an entire new series is just beyond phenomenal. So I hope you will take the time to be all jittery and happy because JK Rowling is a goddess and she is the perfect idol and everything about her and her magical brain is just so powerful and amazing and I love her to bits and this is a massie run-on sentence.

So rejoice! New Harry Potter movies, Red is back home, it's nearly sweater weather...things are lovely for me. What about you?

--to dwell on dreams and forget to live 15:09, September 15, 2013 (UTC)

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