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This is an advertisement blog, hence the title and me screaming about pamphlets (those are a form of advertisement you know), and so advertise I shall. There are three fan fictions I'd like to tell you about, all mine, obviously, so here we go! I'll give the summaries as well, so that you don't have to like, look at it to know if you really want to read it or not. :3 

Also, below those will be a naming contest for the newest character in my third ad, so I'd be grateful if you could help me name her! :)

Fan Fiction Reading Requests

One - Rising Rebellion: Rising Rebellion focuses on the adventures of a rebellious young she-cat living in a concentration camp with her close friends and family in Clan territory where living conditions are awful. The strongest amongst her group, it's up to her to get them out of there before the execution day comes...but a complication arrives in the form of a handsome Clan cat. [this is actually the series summary, but basically the summary of the first story. :)]

Two - Fire Fight: It's been seasons since the Great Battle, but a band of rogues bigger even than BloodClan (and far more organized) arrived at the lake and destroyed everything the Clans stood for. From the ashes rose ShadeClan, and as punishment for the rebellion, the rogues forced a new leadership initiation upon every cat. The Fire Fights. 

Three - Red[I can't really provide an official summary, but it's about Redpoppy, my fursona, and her crush on Stormfall, who is the equivalent of my two crushes {Matthew and John}, however Stormfall is in love with Sunleaf {Peyton and Maddie, respectively}. Red contains every song on Taylor Swift's album, Red.] This is a Songfic. 


The she-cat is an apprentice and Redpoppy's (and Stormfall's) daughter. She's a white she-cat with green eyes, and is very springy, but also very shy. Peppy and cheerful, so if you have a name, please leave it in the comments! No weird/RP names, please, and nothing too obvious like 'Whitepaw'. :3

Thanks! I love you guys <3


[oh, and owing to the fact I have an all-day Scholastic Bowl meet tomorrow at Northwestern University (basically northwest Chicago LOL), I won't be on. So sorry if I don't reply to your messages. :( ]

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