Hello, readers (most likely few in number)!

I have recently had an idea, a sort of collaboration-story, with five points of view. So, tell me on my talk page if you want to join, and if multiple people want the same cats, then I will ask you to write something specially, otherwise it's first come first serve. :)

Okay, so, anyway, the story is basically about four cats, one from each of the Clans. I'm not going to use the brother-sister thing, because I feel that I have strongly cliched that bit, so I'm no longer using it in any of MY stories.

Those who are chosen to write in this collab, I think it is called, well, your kits will already have names. They'll all be apprenticed at the same time, and made into warriors at the same time too. And maybe leaders, as well.


There will be a deadline, but I haven't thought it up yet because I wanted to tell you before I forgot, and because, since no one reads my blog posts, it might take some time to, you know, circulate. So.

As you know, the plot is about four kits (I KNOW, I've said this about five times. I should be known as RedPand-Redundancy) who grow up in different Clans, and then they move through their lives with a common enemy in each of their Clans....if you play a WindClan kit, you will not play the WindClan enemy.

I will now proceed to list the names of the kits and the enemies.

EDIT: And now I'm going to list those who, so far, will be playing the characters UNLESS there are any protests or anyone else wants them.

Main Characters/Kits:

Hazelkit--WindClan she-cat--Probably Birdpaw

Mosskit--ThunderClan tom--Probably Arti

Echokit--RiverClan she-cat--Probably Maplefern

And, I am writing the part of Sootkit, the ShadowClan tom-kit. Now! For the enemies...bwahahahaha...ha. ha. ha...* cough cough hack *


Mistfoot--ShadowClan she-cat--Probably Arti

Cherrywillow--ThunderClan she-cat (not Cherrypaw in OTS series)

Beechfrost--WindClan tom

And, finally, the enemy I will be playing, Beetleshade, the RiverClan she-cat-enemy.

Okay, so once you get the cats, you WILL be able to choose their descriptions, just, please, nothing like pink she-cats with red and blue and green and yellow spots and white eyes or outlandish descriptions. Please.

Yay, I hope I get some comments.

Oh, that is where you can put your requests for your characters. Hooray!

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