Okay, so imagine the following scenario...just...I don't even know where I'm going with this, but just imagine yourself in the following scenario, okeedokes?

So, like, you're listening to music, and...I dunno, not inpsirational music, just music you like, or something...I dunno how to explain it *bangs head on desk*, rawr, this is difficult. Okay, so I often listen to Electronica/Rock/Pop songs, and they're not, like, inspirational, but I just get this weird feeling, and it's like all happy and weird, and BLARGH. It's hard to explain something that's in your own mind, but it's like, you get an idea...for a fanfic, just a normal piece of writing, for a movie, animation, anything, and then it's like you get all these other ideas, and it's like your ideas blossom, and holy poop what am I even ranting about?

I don't even know. This is one of those moments where I just go off on a random tangent, sorry. xD Um, so, yeah, forget I said any of that. If you ever get that, uh, feeling, let me know, okay? xD

Ah! Inspirational song!

I can explain it now.

Okay, so I'm listening to 'Keep Holding On' by Avril Lavigne. It's one of those songs...with lyrics that you can just imagine some movie, or some book going to. You can just imagine your own characters, created or can just imagine the song working with something you could create.

Like, one of your characters is dying, and the other one is alive, and hoping that the first survives, and this song just totally...I dunno, it just works. Blargh, never mind. Don't even listen to me.

I just had to get that out, sorry. xD


But please don't leave a lame comment like '...?'. Those irk me. xD


--"Citius, Altius, Fortius" Higher, Faster, Stronger 19:59, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

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