I do. I truly do.

EDIT: Actually, this is only my 24th. xD

But I have so many ideas, I'm practically bursting. I've just GOT to let some of it out, and....*shiver*

Anyhow, I'm currently only working on two stories, so I've got some spare time and stuff, and both of them don't have many comments, so I'm guessing no one'll miss the absence of the new chapters anyway.

So what I'm thinking about: a writing competition. I know there are probably tons of them out there, and I know Zaf is doing one, and I know a lot of people are doing some, and I'm working on a collaboration, but, hey, I'm not writing in this competition, you guys are! (hopefully)

So, I'm having some requirements about this competition, kind of like other people do. For example, I know in Zaff-a-laugh (I'm going to call you that, Zaffie, is that all right?)'s competition, it has to be five chapters, and you've got to use these characters and phrases and things, and I'm going to do that too, except change a few things. Okay, so here's the list of necessary requirements:

1. The story must be in third person. I'd leave this free as an option, but then it would get a bit confusing, and I wouldn't be able to assign each and everyone a character, and, well, I think it's just easier this way. This is my first contest, remember?

2. Your story has to be a minimum of seven chapters, which must be a minimum of two paragraphs each. So, in all, a minimum of fourteen paragraphs. In seven chapters. You can have more than seven chapters (and might get bonus points for length - but quality as well!), and more than fourteen paragraphs, of course.

3. There must be dialogue in your story. Dialogue is interesting, and it moves the story forward.

4. Proper grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. I would appreciate if, when you mention a Clan of any sort, you capitalize the 'c'. Thunderclan really annoys me. :) Thanks! Don't forget commas and periods, too.

5. I will need two more judges. Please apply in the comments.

6. There will be three main characters in your story. Two of the following you will have to include, the third will be an OC. I'm giving you a choice between four cats, so choose two of them, please.

Pineapple--Golden tom with blue eyes. Pineapple is acidic, but can be sweet sometimes too, like a pineapple. He is fairly outgoing with those he knows, but quite shy and hostile to those he doesn't. If you try and wheedle your way in too close to him - you'd better watch out for his claws! Most cats he knows already have a few scratches from his claws. He is a kittypet.

Smudgefoot--Black she-cat with bright blue eyes and pale gray paws - all four of them. She is quite shy, but a very enthusiastic hunter. She's not a terrific fighter, but can defend herself in situations, and is always prepared to jump to her friends' aid, and would sacrifice her life for her friends'. She is a Clan cat.

Elliot--Cream tabby she-cat with green eyes. Elliot is very cheeky, but has a good sense of humor and chatters like a starling. She's very outgoing and always loves to be with other cats. She's friends with everyone, and doesn't have any enemies. However (you must include an explanation for this in your story - I look forward to reading these!), she has scars stretching across her underbelly that she talks about to no one, and becomes very quiet and mumble-y when asked about them. No one knows but her what happened.

Toadpaw--Brownish-black tom with gray-green eyes. Toadpaw is a bit bitter and annoyed about his name, and is very touchy and sensitive. He believes he is ugly, and doesn't deserve life or anyone. He dislikes physical contact, and shies away from any of the advancing she-cats. He is the oldest apprentice, but is nearing warriorhood. Make him a warrior in your story!

7. All of your characters must ascend or descend their rank, or in Elliot and Pineapple's cases, join the Clans. All characters must meet and stay together after their meeting.

8. These five phrases must appear somewhere throughout your story. You must choose one of them to be your OC's favorite catchprase.

Six mice, three hares, four frogs, one vole, and a whole lake of fluff. That's what makes up my stomach.

Eighty-six moons, to be exact.

You smell like frog-dung and palm oil.

Go eat a cloud.

I've stuffed my face with half of the fresh-kill pile, Sweetstar, do you seriously think I'm going to win that StarClan-foresaken race?

Okay, first two judge-applicators (in the comments) will be judges. But beware - as a judge, you must also have proper grammar. And spelling. Otherwise, I might have second thoughts. :)

Anyone can apply, just give me your name (well, that automatically appears, but anyway), the two characters you chose, and the name of your story. Basically, fill out this form in the comments.

I Chose: [insert two of above names here]

My Story is Named: [Insert story name and link here]

My OC's Favorite Catchprase: [insert one of the above phrases here]

Name of OC:

Okay, thanks. Make sure you include the catchphrases, the characters, and your deadline for applying is June 10th. Your deadline for writing is June 24th. Judging will take place on June 26th, and if you edit after June 24th, the part you EDITED WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT. If you edit, say, Chapter Six - Chapter Six will not be considered AT. ALL. in the judging of your story.

I am still thinking of a prize. I have yet to come up with one good enough. :)

The lions roam... feeding on remains Eeeew! :) 12:56, May 31, 2012 (UTC)


- Red (myself)

- Zaf-a-laugh

- Sir Yummy

Contestants: ...

- Elody (WOOOHOO! Go first person!)

- Hopefully Cinderstar ?

Happy Writing! :)

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