Hello, my UK Chums!


I don't even know if any British people even READ my blogs, but if they do I have a request.


Ok, ok, so this book, Insurgent, is the sequel to all awesomeness: Divergent (which is second only to Delirium [completely different story...literally], HP, and, of course, Warriors). Apparently, my mates (I'm speaking in a British accent here, and I'm NOT being a creep when I say 'mates'. Not Warriors-Terminology-Mates, but British-Terminology-Mates. For those who don't know, I mean FRIENDS), it comes out earlier in your country than in mine.

April 28th compared to May 1st. I mean, SERIOUSLY. And no, it is NOT crazy that I want this book. I mean, three days, but really. I seriously recommend this book! As much as...as I would recommend Harry Potter!

Which, by the way, doesn't make any sense, but...I mean...okay, this is going in circles.

I just NEED to get to Britain!

Anyone have any ideas? I haven't got enough money to fly...I don't have a teleporter...and traveling through the HP and Warriors books wouldn't get me any farther than the South Forest (...? Is that where Warriors is located? I know it's somewhere...around...there...or something).


And, if you ARE from Britain, I would appreciate your commenting on this blog. My friend and I (he made a wiki....I don't even know what it's called)...well, my friend would be amazed to know I actually...legitamately KNOW a British person...!

I am a British wanna-bes. Every Thursday is British Accent Day. I even say my Current Event in a British accent. I also say 'maths' now, instead of 'math'. Do you think I'm too obsessed?

I want to be British! Please incorporate me into your country, I beg you!

Okay. Tis all.

Check out my awesome-sauce new signature that Zaffie made for me (this is my second-coolpool signature).

I am Spinifex - The Porcupine Grass because Zaffie said so! 22:31, April 19, 2012 (UTC)

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