Heyoop everybody! What's going on?

Since I have been absent for a week, I would be pleased if you could fill me in on the happenings in the comments. Or on IRC. Or whenever you see me. xD

Anyhow, the point of this blog, as the title states, is an advertisement blog. MY advertisement blog.

So, if you've been stalking blogs and user and talk pages recently (as I have) you would know that a LOT of people are creating websites, and, well, hey, why not join the bandwagon?

Just kidding, that wasn't what was going through my mind when I made my new wiki. xD I was thinking about the fabulous series that, as far as I know, only two people on this website have read, one of them being me, and the other being Star.

Oh, the series? Perhaps the awesomest in the world, second only to Harry Potter.


Read them. Join my site. *cough* *lovejacetoo!*

The Infernal Devices is the prequel series, and two of the three are out. There's going to be a sequel series, but it is not yet written. It's called the Dark Artifices, and the first book is called Lady Midnight. It is not, of course, out.


My website:

I hope you love it. *giggle* "I got hungry, in my sleep. And I accidentally ate you." Arti, you bad, bad Wolf! D': 18:46, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

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