...or not.

Red is going with the flow and creating a contest - a one-shot, short-story contest. You must choose one of the characters below, and no characters can be used twice, one character per participant. There will be four participants. The deadline is December 25th. 

The cats to choose from are as follows:

Shellskip ~ A cream she-cat with blue-green eyes. Very bright and intelligent, but has a very volatile temper. To compensate for this, she works very hard and doesn't talk much. WindClan

Oakflight ~ A dusty brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Possesses a sharp tongue, but tries to curb his retorts. His father is unknown, but a certain tom has always been very caring. ThunderClan.

Rowanfur ~ A ginger tabby she-cat with white patches and green eyes. Very hard-working but very chary and shy. She has very brittle bones, the source of her introvertedness. ShadowClan.

Heronpelt ~ A gray tom with one white paw and blue eyes. Has very strong hindlegs, most likely from a SkyClan ancestor. Is mocked because of a dislike for water and a like for trees. RiverClan.

Duskflower ~ A black she-cat with blue eyes. Not a very good fighter, but excels at hunting and gathering edible berries. Very intelligent, but is disparaged because of medicine-cat-like behavior. SkyClan.

This is a short story - meaning there won't be any chapters, it will be a one-shot. The theme, moral, or author's message about life in your story is as follows:

It shouldn't hurt to be different.

I won't specify on how to include this, rather, it will be something you will have to come up with on your own. Regardless, the theme should be in your story somewhere. The deadline for this contest is December 25th, which isn't that long, but this is a short story not a multi-chapter novel. 

I hope you enjoy!


~ Rowanvur - Silverstar10 ~ Change of the Heart

~ Heronpelt - Roboflight ~ Strange Tom

~ Oakflight - Cinderstar of ThunderClan ~ Strong Oaks

~ Shellskip - Rainsplash987 ~ By The Shore

~ Duskflower - IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart ~ The Other Flower of Dusk

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