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O_O That was a pretty long title, there, eh?

Anyhows, this is just an update for the writers of and judgers of my writing contest (please join, if you would like! We only have two contestants. :( ), on the methods of judging, and, for the writers, how to get extra points!

So, each story will start of with having....twenty points!

Well, first, I should say that you will be getting percentage scores on this, because, y'know, that's just fun to do. You'll get your points score first, then your percentage, and then wait for a blog by me telling who the winner is! First second, and third places will be specified. :O

So, as you know, there will be twenty points to be taken. That is not, however, the maximum points. You see, I shall add points for creativity, which could create an even BETTER score if no one has any spelling or grammar mistakes. And be warned - if we check your story, and show you the mistake (we won't have to show you unless you are being uncooperative. Which I know Elody and Cinderstar won't be, because they are awesome writers and good people. So there!), and find out you edited it after we checked it and before we showed you - that's it, you are out.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but, you know, we can't have editors after the story time is done!

Okay, so your story MUST BE FINISHED by July 12th. Any edits afterward will not be considered in the slightest. If you miss the climax...well, that would ruin your story quite much. Judging will take place on July 15th, hopefully in an IRC chat (Zaffles? Sir Yummy?).


Points Worth

  • Characters (all three of 'em, plus the creativity you put into your ORIGINAL CHARACTER) = 4
  • Beginning (defined-ish, please) = 4
  • Middle = 2
  • End = 5
  • Climax = 5

Make the climax exciting! Make the end the end! Make the middle....the middle....and make your characters AWESOME.

I know you can do this!


Point Subtraction

So, possible subtraction points:

  • Minor grammatical error (the lack of an apostraphe at the end of a word, not putting a comma, et cetra) = 1/2 point
  • Major grammatical error (the lack of paragraphs, periods, new paragraphs when different characters speak, et cetra) = 1 point
  • Over-Use of Point Gain Attempt (if you make creative new kits, but do it sooo much that it gets cliched. One or two queens having awesome-sauce kits is good!, it's a bit odd. Four up is
  • And, of course, the subtraction because of the dwindling quality of one of the five stated above under 'Points Worth' (lack of excitement or mystery in characters, undefined beginning, blergh middle, boring end, unexciting climax...anything that makes the story 'meh')

Point Gain

So, possible bonus points. These possibilities are almost infinite!

  • Creative new names = 1 point
  • Creative new kits (don't go making your queens kit machines like Ferncloud, though) = 1/2 point
  • Quantity (substantial chapters) = 5 points


You can visit any of my guides for help, or anything, but I have one thing to say and this irks me to no end!


"I'm going to go catch some prey," she said.

"Go eat," he growled.

Instead of commas, however, you can put exclamation marks (!) or question marks (?) without commas (if they're asking a question or raising their voice, of course). Just don't do the !/? WITH a comma. Because that just looks weird and it is grmmatically incorrect.

Please do this, I don't want to have to take points. It will be considered a MAJOR GRAMMATCIAL error.

Get Writing

Do as the title says.


OR JOIN! Join, join, join!

Happy Writing!


- Elody

- Cinderstar (hopefully)

- Honeyrose

The lions roam... feeding on remains Eeeew! :) 14:35, June 8, 2012 (UTC)

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